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Cartys GFF Variant 1
Added: Apr 12, 2013

Cartys GFF Variant 1
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My vesion of Peter Carty's classic dry fly pattern , Cicada or hopper pattern

TypeDry Flies, Terrestrials
RegionNew Zealand
Imitation TypeTerrestrial
Tying Instructions
Attach the thread and tack the thread to the bend of the hook, tie in a small bunch of deer hair as tail, tie in a strip of yellow foam about width of the gape of the hook tapered to a point over the tail and bind the foam to the eye of the hook and leave a few mms over the hook eye. Take the thread back to bend and then tie in a cock hackle to palmer up the body, tie in a strip of olive foam about the width of the gape of the hook. Dub a body of gold seals hair to a reference point about 5mm from the eye of the hook. Palmer the cock hackle up the body in open turns to the reference point. Tie down the olive foam over the body at the reference point. Tie in a some gold flash, green deer hair and natural deer overwing. Tie in some peacock dubbing up to the eye of the hook. take the thread back to the reference point. Fold the olive foam back over the wing tie in point and tie down. Tie in an indicator foam circle at the reference point. Add rubber legs to either side and whip finish at the reference point. Shape the olive foam over wing to a point.

Fishing Instructions
Float the cicada down bubble lines or over sighted fish.

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