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Slate Drake Dry
Added: May 28, 2013

Slate Drake Dry

It is almost Slate Drake time and everyone has a favorite pattern. This one has worked well for me.

TypeDry Flies
RegionUS - Northeast
Target SpeciesTrout
Imitation TypeMayflies
Tying Instructions
Tie in wing. Form a thread dam to stand it up. Split and post the wing. Wrap back to the point of the barb and take a few extra wraps to form a bump. This will help spread the tail fibers. Tie in in a good clump of fibers and wrap forward to the wing. Clip the excess. Wrap back to just in front of the tail.
Tie in a pre-soaked quill by the tip. Wrap forward being careful to lay each wrap adjacent to the previous one. When you arrive at the hackle point, tie in the quill and clip the excess. Use two hackle feathers, tied in back to back. Wrap one forward, tie off then wrap the other. Tie off, whip finish. You can apply a bit of cement or superglue to the body for extra durability.

Fishing Instructions
Dead drift but do not be afraid to skitter it sometimes to try to induce a strike.

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iflysw May 29, 2013 14:58:45

Nice tie, shorty B . Always liked quill body flies. Takes me back to a time of fond memories many years ago when the Quill Gordon duns were floating down my little river and dancing on the hood of my fathers old Ford station wagon. All are gone now even the little river is just a trickle now.
ShortyB May 29, 2013 21:18:55

Thanks. Quills are my favorite and especially effective on my home water, Brodhead Creek in PA. I just came through the door from a fishing expedition and Slate Drakes were ONE of the flies on the hatch. We also had caddis, Yellow Sallies, Sulphurs and March brown! What a night!